• 13-07-2015

    Look Beyond California for U.S. Water Opportunities
    The U.S. wastewater reuse landscape has become far more complex than just drought in California, shaped by water rights, industrial demand, and new regulations.

    Bluefield Research's new report is a timely and comprehensive analysis of the scaling U.S. municipal wastewater reuse market that we thought you would be interested in learning more about.

    Bluefield's team of analysts are also available to provide additional commentary. See the following press release and top five takeaways:

    PRESS RELEASE // U.S. Wastewater Market to Total US$11.0 Billion Through 2025

    The report, U.S. Municipal Wastewater & Reuse: Market Trends, Opportunities and Forecasts, 2015-2025, highlights the key drivers and trends impacting greater deployment of reuse systems in the US. Drought and environmental impacts on water supplies across the country has positioned wastewater reuse as a critical solution for decreasing long-term risks on state and municipal water supplies.

    Top Five Takeaways

    Wastewater reuse for municipal utilities will increase 61% by 2025 and will require US $11.0 billion of capital expenditures.
    94% of reuse projects in the U.S. are expected to take place in nine states, headlined by Florida and California.
    There are more than 247 reuse projects in various stages of planning in the US. This is good news for water solutions providers.
    Potable reuse, the process of treating wastewater to drinking water currently makes up 15% of total capacity and is expected to increase to 19% of total water reuse by 2025.
    More than 94% of California's project pipeline is located in seven countries and is dominated by Los Angeles county where urban water use, population growth, and drought combine for the greatest demand.

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